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How can we use the air curtain correctly?

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The high-speed airflow of the air curtain machine can isolate the outdoor oil fume and odor from entering the room, and can also effectively block the outdoor dust from entering the room, keep the room clean, and create a fresh and comfortable environment.

  • Where are ordinary air curtains generally used?

  • Why do air curtains protect the health of users?

  • What are the requirements for improving the efficiency of the air curtain machine?

Where are ordinary air curtains generally used?

1. Hotels, shopping malls, theaters, hospitals and other places with relatively large flow of people: such places have relatively wide doors (generally not less than 3 meters) and relatively large flow of people, so large-volume electric heating air curtains should be selected. Therefore, if the power supply conditions are limited, and there is a central air-conditioning hot water source, try to choose a water-heated air curtain, which can fully play a role in energy saving.

2. Refrigerator, freezer: These places pay more attention to the actual utility of the product, so you can choose a natural air curtain with a large air volume, and the effect is very good

3. Constant temperature warehousing and logistics center: The door of the warehousing and logistics center is generally more than 4 meters, so the air curtain machine with ordinary air volume is difficult to achieve the expected effect, so the centrifugal air curtain machine with large air volume is generally used, and the wind resistance height meets 4.5 meters.

Why do air curtains protect the health of users?

1. Dust-proof and insect-proof: The air curtain machine generates high-speed airflow, forming a protective door, which can effectively block the invasion of dust, smoke, odor and insects outside, and keep the room clean.

2. Anti-smoke and harmful gases: The air circulation system of the air curtain can make every corner of the room strongly block the escaping of oily smoke and the pungent smell and harmful gases such as industrial exhaust from entering the room.

3. Balance indoor temperature: When the air-conditioning energy distribution is uneven due to the large space in gymnasiums, cinemas, entertainment venues, etc., the air circulation system function of the air curtain can be used to balance the indoor temperature.

What are the requirements for improving the efficiency of the air curtain machine?

1. A place with little outside wind (crosswind).

2. The indoor cold (warm) is sufficient and uniform.

3. The depth of the building is greater than the width.

4. The width of the air curtain is equal to or slightly larger than the width of the inlet and outlet.

5. There is no gap between the installation surface and the air curtain.

6. All entrances and exits of the building are equipped with air curtains.

7. In places where exhaust fans are used, such as range hoods or exhaust ports, a supply fan (return fan) should be set up to balance the positive and negative pressure difference, avoid convection and reduce the use effect of the air curtain.

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