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06/ 22/ 2022
MEIHAO air curtain booth N4D33, China Refrigeration Expo 2022 , CRH EXPO AUG 1th - AUG 3rd

Meihao will be present at 2022 China Refrigeration EXPO, Booth N4D33.China Refrigeration EXPO is the biggest HVAC exhibition in China which has the biggest population around the world, will attracts industry-related companies and organizations from 33 countries and regions, a total of 1200 exhibitor

2022 CRH.jpg
12/ 13/ 2021
National Exhibition And Convention Center (Shanghai)

National Exhibition And Convention Center (Shanghai) phase 2 is under construction by SHANGHAI CONSTRUCTION GROUP.Meihao air curtains include commercial and industrial models total 400pcs again were chosen to install in this project. It’s our honor and also a great demonstrate of MEIHAO air curtains

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07/ 26/ 2021
Meihao exhibition information at beginning of 2020

Meihao exhibition information at beginning of 2020:1. Orlando, USA, FEB 3-5 AHR 2020, Stand No.42732. Milano, Italy, MARCH 17-25, Hall NO.13 Booth NO.U113. CANTON FAIR, GUANGZHOU, CHINA, APRIL 15-19, Booth NO. To be decide.Brand new, hopeful 2020 has arrived, Thanks for the supports from our partner

07/ 26/ 2021
Guangzhou SUNAC SNOW PARK located in Huadu District, Guangzhou

Guangzhou SUNAC SNOW PARK located in Huadu District, Guangzhou; it covers an area of 75,000 square meters. It is an advanced fourth-generation indoor ski resort. Currently, it is the largest indoor ski resort in South China. The length and width of the slide are about 460*50 meters.We always say we

09/ 20/ 2020
Meihao air curtain was present at CICE Guangzhou international construction industry EXPO

2020.9.10-2020.9.12 Meihao air curtain was present at CICE Guangzhou international construction industry EXPO in Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center.Beside OEM , wholesale and distribution area, Meihao air curtain also value construction area very much. Most of the time, Air curtain for

08/ 10/ 2020
Meihao air curtain attended Chongqing 2020 CHR EXPO.From August 19th to August 21st,

The COVID-19 crisis has been under controlled in China since May, and public places have basically been completely opened. Meihao decided to participate in the China Refrigeration Exhibition from August 19th to 21st. We hope that through this exhibition, we will continue to open up and develop commu



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  • What is the ventilation principle of the exhaust fan?

    ​There are three types of ventilation methods for exhaust fans: exhaust type, suction type, and combined type. The exhaust type enters the air from the natural air inlet and discharges the dirty air through the exhaust fan; the suction type sucks in fresh air through the ventilation fan and discharges the dirty air from the natural exhaust port; the combined type is that the suction and exhaust are both completed by the ventilation fan.

  • What is the significance of the exhaust fan?

    ​An exhaust fan is an air conditioner that enables an electric motor to rotate the exhaust blades. Drives airflow to exchange indoor and outdoor air. The exhaust fan can use air convection to keep the indoor air in a negative pressure state, form suction, and then continuously inhale fresh air from the outside, discharge the hot and dirty indoor air, and achieve the effect of adjusting the indoor temperature and humidity. Indoor ventilation and cooling can be achieved. The role of the exhaust fan The main function of the exhaust fan is to discharge indoor dirty air and inhale fresh outdoor air.

  • What is the function of the exhaust fan?

    ​Exhaust fans, also known as negative pressure fans, negative pressure fans, etc., use air convection to keep the room in a negative pressure state all the time, forming a suction force, continuously inhaling outdoor air, and discharging indoor sultry air, thereby to achieve ventilation, cooling effect.

  • What are the exhaust fan installation requirements?

    ​The exhaust fan can quickly discharge the hot indoor air, and suck the air on the other side of the outdoor into the room, so that the temperature is equal to the outside temperature, and the temperature in the workshop will not rise. In the process of air flow, the body heat will be taken away, and the air flow will accelerate the evaporation of sweat and absorb the body heat, thus making the body feel cool and as cool as the natural wind.

  • What are the characteristics of the exhaust fan?

    The exhaust fan is a type of air conditioning appliance that is driven by a motor to drive the fan blades to rotate and drive the airflow to exchange indoor and outdoor air, also known as ventilation fans. The purpose of exhaust is to remove indoor dirty air, adjust temperature and humidity, and is widely used in homes and public places.

  • What do you know about duct fan?

    When dividing the ventilation system in different areas, the industrial ventilation system has different requirements for air supply and exhaust. A duct fan and its connected ducts form a system, which is easy to manage.

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  • How to contact you?

    Please contact us by mail, or you contact us by call, Skype, etc. Please find more info at Contact.
  • What’s your production range?

    Air curtains (include ambient air curtain and heating air curtain) and fan heaters.
  • How to choose an air curtain?

    It’s quite a complicated question. We need you to describe the environment of the place, and then our professional sale will give you an advice. If the situation is very complicated you could also ask our engineer to give you a solution about that. Our engineer team is quite experienced.
  • What kind of materiel of the packing

  • What materials of the logo.

    Silk print/label/aluminum
  • Can you make the carton design for us?


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