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  • Why do we need the air curtain?


    air curtain is another form of local air supply. Its purpose is to create an air barrier to reduce and block the convection of indoor and outdoor air, or to change the direction of polluted air flow. What are the applications of air curtains in daily life?What are the reasons why people choose air c Read More

  • What is the meaning of the air curtain?


    air curtains are usually composed of air handling equipment, ventilators, duct systems and air distributors, and are widely used in all aspects of our daily lives. What are the requirements for air curtain work?What are the air curtain classifications according to the fan type?What is the function o Read More

  • What is air curtain?


    The air curtain uses strip nozzles to send out a curtain-like air flow of a certain speed, a certain temperature and a certain thickness, which is used to block another air flow. What is the function of the air curtain?What are the air curtain setting conditions?What are the classifications of air c Read More

  • What information is available about the air curtain?


    Depending on the state of processing of the airflow transmitted, the air curtain is divided into an unheated air curtain and a hot air curtain. The air curtain is divided into two types of installation, horizontal and vertical, and the types of heat sources include hot water, steam, electricity, etc Read More

  • What do you know about the air curtain?


    air curtains are mainly used for outdoor doors which are frequently opened in public buildings and factories; or used to prevent smoke entering smoke-free areas during building fires; or used to prevent the entry of contaminated air and insects into the control area. In addition, it is also frequent Read More

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  • What’s your production range?

    Air curtains (include ambient air curtain and heating air curtain) and fan heaters.
  • How to choose an air curtain?

    It’s quite a complicated question. We need you to describe the environment of the place, and then our professional sale will give you an advice. If the situation is very complicated you could also ask our engineer to give you a solution about that. Our engineer team is quite experienced.
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