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How can we use the air curtain in the correct way?

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The air curtain machine is a temperature adjustment device and air purification equipment. It is usually installed at the entrance, or blown horizontally, or hung above the doorway, and blown downward.

  • How to set the wind speed of the air curtain?

  • How to measure the wind speed of the air curtain machine?

  • How to adjust the angle of the air curtain?

How to set the wind speed of the air curtain?

In 2013, it was mentioned in "Service Technician's Inspection and Identification Manual" written by WilliamH Robinson of the United States that "the wind speed of the air curtain must be greater than the normal flight speed of insects, that is, 6.7mph (3 m/s) for fruit flies and 9 mph (4 m/s) for house flies. seconds), bees 15.6 mph (7 m/s)."

Based on the flying ability of the flying insects mentioned above, we can know the types of flying insects we need to prevent based on risk analysis, and then we can know the wind speed setting requirements of the air curtain.

After years of observing the fly-killing lights at the entrance, we found that more than 95% of them are small flying insects smaller than the size of house flies. Therefore, there are also group food companies that stipulate the landing wind speed of the air curtain as 4.5m/ s, so that more cost-effective air curtains can meet the needs of insect control.

Here we want to emphasize the landing wind speed rather than the outlet wind speed. We must know that there is a difference between the wind speed at the outlet and the wind speed reaching the ground. Generally speaking, the wind speed is decreasing.

How to measure the wind speed of the air curtain machine?

To measure the wind speed, you can use a portable thermal bulb electric anemometer or a portable thermistor constant temperature anemometer. After checking the Internet, it is more convenient to buy a portable anemometer. Enterprises can choose products at different price points according to their own conditions.

Measured location:

In the case of top-mounted installation, it is the height where the flying insects may fly in. Therefore, to prevent the target flying insects from entering, the wind speed on the ground should prevail. In the case of side installation, the wind force at the midpoint of the gate shall prevail.

How to adjust the angle of the air curtain?

The angle of the air curtain can be affected by the environment, such as whether the indoor pressure is positive or negative. The editor thinks that 15-30° is acceptable, and it should be adjusted according to the actual effect.

In practical applications, when it is not convenient to measure the included angle of the wind direction, you can take a small piece of paper towel (about 2-5mm square). Place it in the palm of your hand, 25cm above the ground, directly under the air outlet, and blow out the scraps of paper towels.

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