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MEIHAO air curtain booth N4D33, China Refrigeration Expo 2022 , CRH EXPO AUG 1th - AUG 3rd

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Meihao will be present at 2022 China Refrigeration EXPO, Booth N4D33.

China Refrigeration EXPO is the biggest HVAC exhibition in China which has the biggest population around the world, will attracts industry-related companies and organizations from 33 countries and regions, a total of 1200 exhibitors, all bring together well-known brands in the world HVAC refrigeration industry, which including the United States, South Korea, India and European countries pavilions pavilions, it is expected to have nearly 60,000 professional visitors and users from more than 100 countries and regions come visit.

Welcome to visit us at Bootn N4D33, we will bring our promotion products and new productseries as usual.

Air curtain unit is a device which can generate high speed air flow in order to effectively separate indoor environment and outdoor environment. With this separation, we can be benefited from better energy consumptions, protect our indoor environment from odors,dust,insects. Apart fromsaving on energy bills,better inddor environment can also let us gain profit from achieving higher customer/staffs satisfaction level.

Why air curtain become more popular every year? The mayjor point is saving energy. The world economic is un-stable because of the pandemic since the beginning of 2020. And more, Due to the war between Russia and Ukriane recently,engergy price increase a lot. The world change all the time by many reasons, but saving energy is needed all the time. Saving energy,create better environment,create better life, Meihao keep improving and researching HVAC products. On this EXPO our new products series not only air curtains,but also fresh air system products.As a manufacturer having 50 years history in producing air curtains, we always trying to making better products for our clients. If you have any ideas, you are welcome to visit or contact us. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

NO.C105 Yuewang building, NO.1 Wangling section of 106 national road, Baiyun district








  • How to contact you?

    Please contact us by mail, or you contact us by call, Skype, etc. Please find more info at Contact.
  • What’s your production range?

    Air curtains (include ambient air curtain and heating air curtain) and fan heaters.
  • How to choose an air curtain?

    It’s quite a complicated question. We need you to describe the environment of the place, and then our professional sale will give you an advice. If the situation is very complicated you could also ask our engineer to give you a solution about that. Our engineer team is quite experienced.
  • What kind of materiel of the packing

  • What materials of the logo.

    Silk print/label/aluminum
  • Can you make the carton design for us?


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