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Meihao air curtain was present at CICE Guangzhou international construction industry EXPO

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2020.9.10-2020.9.12 Meihao air curtain was present at CICE Guangzhou international construction industry EXPO in Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center.

Beside OEM , wholesale and distribution area, Meihao air curtain also value construction area very much. Most of the time, Air curtain for construction area is our priority research subject.  

Usually construction area has very strict requirement for air curtains. Because air curtain is quite a important parts for the whole ventilation system for a building. For the ventilation system in a building, air curtain is the doorkeeper. It will keep the bad air, insects outside the building from the door, and keep the good, warm, cold air inside. As our research, most of the air curtain in the market can’t not achieve the effect. Although they claim that the max air speed is very strong. But to make the air curtain really could separate the inside and outside environment, require the air curtain to generate thick enough, strong enough air stream. For example, if the air stream is not thick enough, the air speed of the air stream will be very weak. We make an experiment before, for same model max installation height 3m, Meihao air curtain’s air speed is at least 20% stronger at testing point 3m away from the air outlet of the air curtain.

Meihao air curtain will a very good partner for construction area. Beside our technology and good quality, Meihao will also offer very mature after service mode for our clients.        

Meihao air curtain supply many commercial and industrial air curtain for many construction project now and before, Such as Foshan west railway station, Shanghai national exhibition and convention center, Guangzhou SUNAC SNOW PARK, Nanjing general hospital of Nanjing military command, Coca-Cola China factory and so on.

Meihao has the most complete manufacturing mould for air curtain. That makes us having the widest production range for air curtain to meet all kinds of requirements from clients all over the world.


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