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What are the product advantages of the air curtain machine?

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The air curtain machine is an air purification device with an "invisible door curtain" which is driven by a high-speed motor to drive a strong airflow generated by a cross-flow or centrifugal wind wheel.

  • What are the product advantages of the air curtain machine?

  • What is the selling point of the air curtain machine?

  • What kind of air curtain machine is generally selected in public places?

What are the product advantages of the air curtain machine?

The air curtain machine generates high-speed airflow, forming a protective door, which can effectively block the intrusion of outdoor dust and flying insects and keep the room clean. Anti-smoke and harmful gas effect The air circulation system of the air curtain can make every corner of the room strongly block the odor of oily smoke and the harmful gas such as industrial waste gas and automobile exhaust from entering the room. Air Circulation Effect In gymnasiums, cinemas, entertainment venues, etc., when the air conditioning energy is distributed unevenly due to the large space, the air circulation system function of the air curtain can achieve a balanced indoor temperature.

What is the selling point of the air curtain machine?

Dustproof function

If an air curtain is installed in a precision machinery factory or in the foyer of a food store or clothing store facing the bus lane, it can effectively shield the dust outside and keep it clean at a level of 60-80%.

Freshness function

air curtains can stop odors emanating from machinery such as chemical labs or store holding rooms and frozen meat. And can block the harmful gas emitted by the car outside. Experts put forward suggestions on how to prevent the outflow of cold and hot air from the air conditioner: The organic combination of the air curtain and the air conditioner can effectively solve the problems of the outflow of cold and hot air from the air conditioner.

Negative ion function

The air curtain machine produces active oxygen, improves lung function, promotes metabolism, improves sleep, sterilizes, creates fresh air, eliminates smoke and dust, prevents myopia, static electricity, and prevents hair split ends.

What kind of air curtain machine is generally selected in public places?

Hotels, guesthouses, conference halls, office buildings and other relatively quiet places: these places are generally quieter and less crowded, but the door needs to be open, so in order to effectively limit the convection speed of hot and cold air and maintain room temperature, choose the wind The main consideration for the curtain machine is the height of the door, the installation conditions on site and the noise. According to experience, the height of the door in these places is generally less than 2.5 meters, and most of them are stainless steel door frames; in order to match the overall environment with the surrounding environment, generally choose a light and thin ordinary axial flow air curtain with a clean and stylish appearance.

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    Our factory has experienced R&D team and full equipment to design and manufacture air curtains. We have well integrated production line which includes Metal workshop; Plastic workshop; Blower workshop; Motor workshop and Assembly workshop. These workshops are equipped with the most advance equipment and machines in our industry (including the laser cutting machine and numerical controlled machines for various purposes. Also we put in loads of efforts to make sure our customers have unique, original design. To make sure our customers always have the leading edge products in the business.
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    Our air curtains are with ISO 9001 certifications.
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    Our standard models are made better than international standards. For example our motor is made and designed by our R&D team, with full copper wire and temperature rise lower than most of others. That means our motor has longer service life. With professional design and manufacturing, our product air performance is at least 20% better than most of others.
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    Our factory was found on 1969, started to design and manufacture air curtain since 1982.Our first air curtain model Classic C2. We are now having more the 50 air curtain product series, include:
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