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What do you know about duct fan?

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When dividing the ventilation system in different areas, the industrial ventilation system has different requirements for air supply and exhaust. A duct fan and its connected ducts form a system, which is easy to manage.

What should we pay attention to before using the duct fan?

1. Before using the duct fan, the impeller should be moved by hand to check whether the impeller rotates normally and whether the impeller connection is firm. This machine uses alternating current, and the voltage tolerance is plus or minus 10%.

2. After the duct fan is powered on, firstly jog to check whether the steering is correct. During the operation of the test machine, pay attention to whether the sound is normal and whether the vibration is obvious. If any abnormality is found, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.

3. During the use of the duct fan, the user should avoid factors that cause or affect the life of the fan according to their own use environment, and purposefully prevent the bearing from losing oil, and the uneven or excessive stickiness of the fan blade causes overload vibration, and Clean or replace in time.

4. If the motor has been parked for too long and not used, its resistance should be measured not less than 0.5 megohm before reuse.

How do the material selection and cross-sectional shape of duct fans and ventilation ducts match?

The material and cross-sectional shape of the duct are the fundamental reasons for achieving good ventilation benefits in industrial ducts. Once the wrong material or shape is selected, it will not only destroy the aesthetics of the industrial building structure, but also fail to achieve the effect and purpose of ventilation, and even bury safety risks in the use stage of the ventilation duct due to unqualified materials. For one thing, choose the right pipe material. For example, around the melting furnace, high temperature resistance should be considered, and alloy steel with higher heat resistance and wear resistance should be selected. On the other hand, choosing the right shape of the pipe section is also critical. Generally speaking, a circle is more suitable for pipes with high-speed flow requirements; when the cross-section of the pipe is large, the choice of a rectangle is more suitable, which also helps to improve the space utilization of the duct fan.

How to deal with the failure of the duct fan?

1. Pipe leakage: The meltblown cloth blower belongs to the pipeline fan, which transports the gas through the pipeline. If the pipeline damages the gas and enters the air, the air volume will be insufficient. Therefore, the on-site personnel should check the working conditions in time, and whether the pipeline is damaged or leaking should be repaired in time.

2. The pipe is too long: the pipe is too long and the pressure is insufficient, which will also lead to insufficient air volume. At this point, the pipeline needs to be reset.

3. The voltage is too low: the voltage and current are unstable, which will cause the meltblown cloth blower to not operate normally and stably, and will also reduce the air volume. Therefore, after installing the Roots blower, please check the current and voltage of the line to ensure voltage stability.

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