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What information is available about the air curtain?

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Depending on the state of processing of the airflow transmitted, the air curtain is divided into an unheated air curtain and a hot air curtain. The air curtain is divided into two types of installation, horizontal and vertical, and the types of heat sources include hot water, steam, electricity, etc.

What are the advantages of air curtain?

What is the reason why the air curtain is chosen by everyone?

What are the characteristics and functions of the air curtain?

What are the advantages of air curtain?

1. Heat insulation function: The air curtain prevents frequent entry and exit of customers such as restaurants, shops and entertainment facilities without the doors having to be constantly opened and closed. In this way, the cold and hot air temperature can be maintained in indoor spaces with a 60-80% efficiency. Only slight temperature changes are allowed.

2. Anti-insect function: It can be established that most annoying and harmful insects cannot pass the windscreen facade. This makes it easier and better to maintain the hygiene of fruit shops, fast food restaurants and other places.

3. Dust protection function: If you install an air curtain in the entrance hall of a precision machine factory or a grocery store or clothing store with a view to the bus track, it can effectively shield the outside dust and at a level of 60. Keep -80% clean

What is the reason why the air curtain is chosen by everyone?

1. Refreshment. The air curtain can prevent the strange smell of machines such as chemical laboratories or storage rooms and frozen meat. And can block harmful gases that are emitted from cars to the outside. When it comes to preventing the release of cold and warm air from the air conditioner, experts make suggestions: the combination of air curtain and air conditioner can effectively solve the problems of the release of cold and hot air from the air conditioner.

2. Negative ion function. The air curtain produces active oxygen, improves lung function, promotes metabolism, improves sleep, sterilizes, creates fresh air, eliminates smoke and dust, prevents  static electricity prevents hair splitting.

3. Remote. Nowadays, many air curtain brands are equipped with air curtain machines with infrared reception function. But it is not very popular in the application because the air grinder does not change the temperature from time to time as the air grinder.

What are the characteristics and functions of the air curtain?

The air curtain generates a high-speed air flow, divides the indoor and outdoor area into two independent temperature ranges to create a pleasant indoor climate, maintains the effect of indoor air conditioning and cleaning, saves electricity and circulates the air, to effectively isolate dust and smoke and smell microorganisms such as air and insects. Prevent the flow of cold (warm) air and save electricity. The continuously shaped air door can effectively prevent the release of cold (warm) air and save electricity. The indoor and outdoor areas are divided into two independent temperature zones. When the air conditioning runs longer, the additional cycle adapts the temperature to save energy and improve the environment. The air curtain with a dust and insect protection effect produces a high-speed airflow to form a protective door that can effectively block the entry of external dust and flying insects and keep the room clean.

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