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What should we pay attention to when using the air curtain?

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The air curtain machine is mainly used with the air conditioner as an auxiliary energy-saving environmental protection device. As long as the air curtain machine is installed, the hot air passing to the crowd table can be dispersed, reducing the burden of the air conditioner, and at the same time bringing a refreshing and comfortable feeling to people.

  • How to clean and maintain the air curtain?

  • What should we pay attention to before installing the air curtain?

  • What should we pay attention to when using water for air curtains?

How to clean and maintain the air curtain?

If the indoor water collecting tray is not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to become a place to hide dirt. Viruses will multiply in the air curtain machine, threatening human health. Therefore, the air curtain should be cleaned regularly. The air curtain machine is cleaned regularly to make use of its use. Cleaning cannot be limited to the outer surface, but also to the rotor and bearing oil.

What should we pay attention to before installing the air curtain?

The installation of FM series and RM series air curtains is the same, just loosen the positioning screws under the front of the fuselage, separate the fuselage and the bottom plate, and then fix the bottom plate firmly on the door frame or wall (if the fixing is not tight, it will cause vibration and noise) , hang the body directly on the floor, and fix the body on the bottom plate with the removed positioning screws as they are.

Note: Do not miss the installation of rubber shock absorbers when hanging up. In addition to using the same model as above, the installation of the water heating air curtain should be fixed with a hanging hole. Otherwise, mechanical jitter and noise will be caused, and the service life of the machine will be affected at the same time, and check whether the power supply voltage and the selected switch wire section are consistent with the installed air curtain machine.

What should we pay attention to when using water for air curtains?

1. RM series water heating and hot air curtains are installed on the indoor side of doors and windows to prevent freezing and cracking of water in the coils of heat exchangers.

2. According to the choice of different heat media, corresponding water supply and drainage pipelines should be provided, and the pipelines should be insulated. When hot water is used as the medium, the lower part will enter the water and the upper part will return water, at the return water outlet or at the highest point of the main pipe. An automatic air release valve should be installed at the place.

3. When the air curtain machine uses hot water as the medium, use demineralized water.

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