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Why are air curtains more and more popular?

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Speaking of air curtains, you must often see it in your daily life. Whenever you are shopping in the mall, parking in the underground parking lot, or shopping in the supermarket, you can enjoy the comfort and comfort it brings to you.

  • Why do you need an air curtain if you have an air conditioner?

  • Why are air curtains more and more popular?

  • What are the differences between air curtains and air conditioners?

Why do you need an air curtain if you have an air conditioner?

However, in view of the fact that the air curtain can isolate the influence of outdoor temperature and isolate outdoor mosquitoes and dust, its advantages in use are unmatched by ordinary air conditioners. So how can we minimize electricity bills on the premise of enjoying the indoor comfortable temperature and air environment?

At present, air curtains and air conditioners are generally installed on the market at the same time, and the two-pronged approach to cooling and heating (or cooling) is to create a comfortable indoor environment.

Why are air curtains more and more popular?

In the packaging production enterprises of food contact materials, insects and foreign bodies adhered to the peritoneal membranes produced very frequently at that time, causing great loss of manpower and material resources to the factory.

After inspection and identification, it was confirmed that most of the foreign body insects came from the outdoor environment. Through further observation, it was found that the channel for transporting raw materials and waste materials was the main invasion channel for insects. An air curtain was installed at the entrance, but it could not effectively prevent flying insects. invasion.

In the food processing industry and in the production plants of food contact materials, the use of insect-proof air curtains is more and more common, and it is mentioned in many standards.

What are the differences between air curtains and air conditioners?

Since it is a temperature adjustment device, the air curtain is often compared with the air conditioner, but in fact there is a big difference between the two.

1. The difference in heating function

The air curtain machine can generally blow hot air and natural wind, but it cannot blow cold air like an air conditioner. In the hot summer, cooling still relies on air conditioners and fans, and the air curtain can only play a role in isolating the intrusion of hot outdoor air.

2. The difference in power

In heating mode, air curtains consume more power than air conditioners. Here we can make a simple comparison for you. The standard heating power of the 1.5-meter air curtain mechanism is 20kw, and the high and low heating models can achieve 10kw. The heating power of the air curtain mechanism under the same heating scale is about 1.2kw. In contrast, the air curtain machine consumes more power.

We always say we are professional air curtain manufacturer. In such project (similar as cold storage) which has very strict requirement about air curtain. It’s a great demonstration of Meihao air curtains’ quality and honor.

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