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Why do we need the air curtain?

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air curtain is another form of local air supply. Its purpose is to create an air barrier to reduce and block the convection of indoor and outdoor air, or to change the direction of polluted air flow.

What are the applications of air curtains in daily life?

What are the reasons why people choose air curtains?

What is the working process of the air curtain?

What are the applications of air curtains in daily life?

Some high-rise public buildings and external doors are often open in shopping malls, cinemas, stations and other public buildings. Due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, cold air enters the building through the door and other openings near the ground floor. The openings in the top layer are discharged, forming a chimney effect. When there are more floors, the greater the suction force formed by vertical passages such as stairwells, and the more cold air entering people through the openings close to the ground floor, resulting in lower temperatures in the corridors and passages on the ground floor of the building, making people Feel unwell. The hot air curtain can evenly blow out the hot air flow, block and close the intrusion of cold air outside the gate opening, and keep the indoor temperature stable. According to the different heat sources of the hot air curtain heat exchange coil, the hot air curtain can be divided into three types: electric heating, steam heating and hot water heating. When the hot air curtain heated by hot water is used, it can be connected to the air conditioning and hot water system in the building, and can be used as an isothermal air curtain in summer.

What are the reasons why people choose air curtains?

The function of the air curtain machine is that people will hang a curtain at the door in the cold winter, so that the interior of the room will be warmer. In summer, hang a curtain at the door to block mosquitoes and flies. There are not many times. Now there are households that hang curtains, but in public places, people come in and out frequently, the curtains are easy to become dirty and easy to damage, and the cleaning of the curtains is also very difficult, so I want to use air curtains to do it. To isolate the hot and cold air and prevent the entry of mosquitoes and flies, this is the function of the air curtain.

What is the working process of the air curtain?

The air curtain uses a centrifugal impeller or a through-flow impeller to accelerate the air and blow it out from the strip-shaped tuyere to form a 3-5 meter wind curtain, so that the air on both sides of the wind curtain reduces convection, and mosquitoes and flies will also It is blown away, and at the same time, an electric heater can be installed on the air curtain, or the hot water can be used to make the wind not so cold. This kind of air curtain with heating function is mainly cold in the north For local use, there are also specially customized arc-shaped air curtains, stainless steel air curtains, industrial air curtains, and other special-purpose air curtains.

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