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Quiet 6 Inch Duct Fan Air Conditioning


*Suitable for indoor ventilation or pipe pressurization

*Ultra-quiet, optimized structure design, reduce product running noise

*High-strength all-metal casing, powder-coated, fire-resistant and rust-proof, beautiful and durable, with multiple appearance colors are optional

*180-degree straight-in and straight-out air inlet and outlet structure, better adapt to long-distance wind transmission

*Convenient access panel, no need to disassemble the whole unit, only need to remove the access panel on the side of the machine body, the whole machine can be maintained and repaired.

*A check valve is installed at the air inlet, which can prevent the backflow of the air flow, and can also block the invasion of external mosquitoes, adapt to the ventilation needs of long-distance air transmission for products with large air volume and high static pressure.

Inline duct systems have grown in popularity as a method of concealed ducted ventilation over the past two decades, especially in the past few years, Inline duct fan is widely used in fresh air system. Meihao inline duct fan DPT series is manufactured in plastic power coated corrosion resistant sheet metal for ease of connection to ductwork.

DPT series duct fan are ideal for ducted applications in residential area, commercial area, and industrial area such as shops, offices, hotels, restaurants, factories, schools, pubs, and kitchens. They are available in a variety of duct size diameters to suit any application.

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