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What are the characteristics of the exhaust fan?

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The exhaust fan is a type of air conditioning appliance that is driven by a motor to drive the fan blades to rotate and drive the airflow to exchange indoor and outdoor air, also known as ventilation fans. The purpose of exhaust is to remove indoor dirty air, adjust temperature and humidity, and is widely used in homes and public places.

  • What are the exhaust fans according to the intake and exhaust ports?

  • What are the characteristics of the exhaust fan?

  • What are the specifications of the exhaust fan?

What are the exhaust fans according to the intake and exhaust ports?

exhaust fans are divided into partition wall type (both sides of the partition wall hole are free spaces, and air is exchanged from one side of the partition wall to the other side) and duct exhaust type (one side enters from the free space). air, and the other side is exhausted through the duct), the duct intake type (one side is inducted through the duct, and the other side is exhausted to the free space), the full duct type (the exhaust fan is placed on both sides of the duct, through the duct intake and exhaust). According to the air flow form, it is divided into centrifugal type (air enters from the direction parallel to the rotation axis and discharges in the direction perpendicular to the axis), axial flow (air enters from the direction parallel to the rotation axis, and is still discharged parallel to the axis) and cross flow. formula (air entry and exit are both perpendicular to the direction of the axis).

What are the characteristics of the exhaust fan?

The exhaust fan has the characteristics of low investment cost, large air volume, low noise, low energy consumption, stable operation, long life and high efficiency. The shutters can be automatically opened and closed to achieve dustproof and waterproof effects, and the appearance is beautiful and elegant, which is the best choice for cooling and ventilation in modern workshops. exhaust fans with environmental protection and energy-saving features will become the mainstream of the ventilation and cooling equipment market.

ventilation effect

Different specifications of exhaust fans have different ventilation effects. The exhaust fans sold on the market are generally between 32,000m³/h and 45,000m³/h. The ventilation effect is as high as 98%.

What are the specifications of the exhaust fan?

1. There are three main exterior specifications of exhaust fans on the market, namely 1380*1380*400mm1.5kW, 1220*1220*400mm1.0kW, and 1060*1060*400mm0.75kW.

2. The way of rotation can be divided into two types: belt-type rotation and motor direct-type rotation. The rotating speed of the belt-type rotary exhaust fan is generally 400~450 rpm, which has the characteristics of low noise. The motor directly rotates the exhaust fan with a high speed, which is 440~720 rpm.

3. From the blade structure, there are mainly five-leaf, six-leaf, and seven-leaf structures.

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