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What are the exhaust fan installation requirements?

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The exhaust fan can quickly discharge the hot indoor air, and suck the air on the other side of the outdoor into the room, so that the temperature is equal to the outside temperature, and the temperature in the workshop will not rise. In the process of air flow, the body heat will be taken away, and the air flow will accelerate the evaporation of sweat and absorb the body heat, thus making the body feel cool and as cool as the natural wind.

What are the exhaust fan installation requirements?

For the installer, before installing the exhaust fan, it is necessary to determine an installation position. The confirmation of this position needs to pay attention to the use environment, and see which part of the installation is the most suitable, so that the exhaust fan can achieve the best performance. Effect. When installing, pay attention to whether each fastener is installed tightly to ensure that the exhaust fan can operate normally and safely.

When installing the exhaust fan, special attention should be paid to the stable installation. The exhaust fan should be placed in a stable horizontal position, and the exhaust fan should also be installed in an easy-to-operate position to facilitate daily use.

Generally speaking, when installing an exhaust fan, a bracket is required. The fixing of this bracket also requires certain skills and precautions.

When choosing an exhaust fan, which of the following points should be paid attention to?

1. The exhaust fan has a novel appearance, the color is coordinated with the color of the room, the plane has no warping phenomenon, the plastic parts are flat and smooth, the electroplating parts are bright, there is no trace of rust spots, and the fan blades can be rotated.

2. After the power is turned on, the fan blades rotate smoothly, there is no abnormal noise, and the air volume is large. Self-blowing shutters with flexible shutters. Linked shutters are sensitive to rotation. The two-way exhaust fan can be easily converted. The temperature rise of the motor is not too high, and the noise is small. The speed regulation of the exhaust fan with the speed regulation function is obvious, the capacitive motor is not more than 65%, and the cover plate type is not more than 80%.

What should I pay attention to when installing the exhaust fan?

1. Stable installation: When installing the fan, pay attention to the horizontal position of the fan, and adjust it so that the fan and the ground plane are level and stable. After installation, the motor must not be tilted.

2. When installing the fan, the adjusting bolt of the motor should be in a position that is convenient for operation. It is convenient to adjust the belt tightness during use.

3. When installing the fan bracket, be sure to make the bracket and the ground plane level and stable, and install angle iron next to the fan for re-reinforcement if necessary.

4. After the fan is installed, check the sealing around it. If there is a gap, it can be sealed with a solar panel or glass glue.

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