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What is the function of the exhaust fan?

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Exhaust fans, also known as negative pressure fans, negative pressure fans, etc., use air convection to keep the room in a negative pressure state all the time, forming a suction force, continuously inhaling outdoor air, and discharging indoor sultry air, thereby to achieve ventilation, cooling effect.

  • What is the function of the exhaust fan?

  • What should we pay attention to when installing the exhaust fan?

  • How to install the exhaust fan correctly

What is the function of the exhaust fan?

The exhaust fan is a type of axial flow fan. It is mainly used in negative pressure ventilation and cooling projects and is called industrial exhaust fan. The exhaust fan has the characteristics of large air duct, large fan blade diameter, large exhaust volume, ultra-low energy consumption, low speed and low noise.

Used together with the cooling water curtain, it can solve the problems of ventilation and cooling in one fell swoop. During the operation of the exhaust fan, a negative pressure environment will be formed in the room. If a cooling water curtain is installed on the other side wall of the air outlet of the exhaust fan, the exhaust fan will not only discharge the hot indoor air to the outside, but also suck the low-temperature air rich in water vapor into the room through the cooling water curtain. To achieve the effect of ventilation and cooling.

What should we pay attention to when installing the exhaust fan?

The installation of the exhaust fan must be reliable and firm, with a distance of more than 2.3m from the ground;

The distance between the exhaust fan and the roof must be more than 5CM;

Remember not to install the ceiling type in a place with a lot of oil smoke and dust, and leave the high temperature source;

The wall type with fan can not only be used for ventilation in various places, but also can be used for oil fume extraction;

Remind everyone that when using a socket for power supply, the power cord should be connected to a plug that meets safety standards;

The yellow-green bi-color wire in the power cord of the exhaust fan must be grounded;

The power supply of the exhaust fan should be connected to the omni-pole switch as much as possible.

How to install the exhaust fan correctly

There must be an inspection hole for the exhaust fan at the top of the ceiling;

Remind everyone to avoid the backflow of gas through open air passages and other pyrotechnic equipment passages;

Do not bend the exhaust fan's duct into a V-shaped, bell-shaped, etc. shape to obstruct the air circulation;

There must be other air intake holes in the room to ensure the entry of fresh air;

Do not spray water on the body during the operation of the exhaust fan;

The exhaust fan reminds the user that the power supply must be cut off when the exhaust fan is disassembled or cleaned. (Remember)

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