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What is the significance of the exhaust fan?

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An exhaust fan is an air conditioner that enables an electric motor to rotate the exhaust blades. Drives airflow to exchange indoor and outdoor air. The exhaust fan can use air convection to keep the indoor air in a negative pressure state, form suction, and then continuously inhale fresh air from the outside, discharge the hot and dirty indoor air, and achieve the effect of adjusting the indoor temperature and humidity. Indoor ventilation and cooling can be achieved. The role of the exhaust fan The main function of the exhaust fan is to discharge indoor dirty air and inhale fresh outdoor air.

What is the end of installation of exhaust fan?

1. After the installation is completed, check whether there are left tools and sundries inside the fan. Move the fan blades with your hands or levers to check whether there is excessive tightness or rubbing, and whether there are any objects that hinder the rotation and no abnormality. Do a test run.

2. If the fan vibrates or the motor makes a "humming" abnormal sound or other abnormal phenomena during operation, it should be stopped for inspection, and then restarted for use after repairing.

What are the characteristics of the exhaust fan?

The usual way of exhausting is to take in the air from the natural intake, and then exhaust the dirty air through the exhaust fan. Slotted rods are ventilated for fresh air and then expelled from the natural exhaust vents for dirty air. The mixed meal is inhaled, and the exhaust is done by one person with a ventilator. The exhaust fan has the characteristics of large air duct, large fan blade diameter, large exhaust volume, ultra-low power consumption, low speed and low noise. It can quickly expel the hot and turbid indoor air from the body, and then suck the air on the other side of the outdoor into the room, so that the indoor temperature is the same as the external temperature, and the indoor temperature is not increased.

What are the practical applications of exhaust fan?

The exhaust fan can also take away the heat of the human body in the process of airflow. The airflow can accelerate the evaporation of sweat, absorb the heat of the human body, and make the body cool and cool to the same effect as natural wind. exhaust fans are also widely used, not only in homes and public places, but many factories also decide to use exhaust fans. Each exhaust fan has different sizes and specifications, so users must choose the appropriate exhaust fan according to their actual situation. There is one more thing to note. That is to say, the maintenance work of the exhaust fan determines its service life. During the use of the exhaust fan, attention should also be paid to regularly removing dust, dust, water and other impurities inside the fan and the gas delivery pipe to prevent corrosion.

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